• Erin Buddo

2018 Workshops


Workshops are a great way to get out of the house for a night, and meet some new people. That’s one of the many reasons we love hosting our workshops… meeting you! From spring to winter, our terrarium and succulent frame workshops are on heavy rotation here at the studio.

In the summer, we mixed it up. Our summer workshops in 2018 included:

Field to Vase Workshop–

Teaming up with local flower farmers Debbie and Amanda at Cloverhill Flowers to give a one of a kind vase arranging workshop; touring the flower farm, clipping your own flowers and being guided through the steps of arranging a one of a kind vase arrangement were later taken home and put on display.

Floral Crown Workshop-

Working with Cloverhill Flowers again we created a one-of-a-kind floral crown session for participants and their little blossoms too. The workshop wrapped up with a 10-minute photo session with professional photographer Kim Balson, who provided a more permanent keep-sake from the magical day at the flower farm.

Moving into fall we introduced our more festive workshops…

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece Workshop-  

We took one of our most popular festive arrangements, and gave you the chance to make your own. Participants took home a personalized pumpkin floral centerpiece arrangement… and they were adorable!

Winter Holiday Workshops-

Our Holiday workshops were a great way to end off the year; from outdoor urns, amaryllis planters, wreaths, and festive brass rings, we loved getting to see the uniqueness of each finished product and hearing about where they would be hung or placed at home for all guests to see over the holidays. We also were lucky to join Pepperwood Designs for a workshop collab. 

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